Longing for More Pregnancy

[A mother with young children visited our service this morning. Touched by our assembly, she left this reflection in a handwritten note.]

“The waiting of Advent is most like the waiting of pregnancy…”

  • Our waiting on God is most often academic, sometimes emotional, rarely physical.
  • I think our waiting for God should be more like the wait of a pregnant woman:emotionally engaged, physically changed, fully aware of the changes that will come (a complete and solid confidence), with a general optimism–trusting the cross as a promise of future life and of the certainty of something growing inside us.
  • I wish Christians were more certain of the kingdom of heaven, and of spiritual realities, more transformed by the life within them, having a more heightened optimism for when Jesus returns to claim his ultimate victory.

A brief visit allowed her to clarify that the central focus of her words was that it would be wonderful if our spiritual expectancy could have such undeniable real-ness, as the expectant mother experiences of her on-the-way child, long before delivery.

As we enter the Advent season, how might we might enter more fully into our expectancy of God’s arrival into our lives?  Feel free to leave ideas in a comment.


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