A New Thing Called Advent

[Andrea Muirhead works for Let’s Start Talking Canada in Regina, SK.  A prairie girl from her birth, she is now known as a beloved customer of Viet Thai AND a collector of vast amounts of air miles.]


This is the first time in my life that I have really thought about Advent. I grew up in a church family that, of course, believed in Jesus’ birth; it was just not acknowledged during the Christmas season.

The ironic thing about my not paying attention to the story of Jesus’ birth, during the Christmas season, is that it’s one of the only times in the year that much of the World does think about Jesus and his birth.

I began thinking about the season of Advent and honestly the thought crossed my mind, “It doesn’t matter!” I began to process what I had just thought. “It doesn’t matter?” Christ, the Saviour of the world’s birth doesn’t matter? Without his being born into this World we would be lost, without hope!

So does it matter? Yes! Indeed! And maybe this year, I need to pay more attention.

My understanding is the season of Advent is to anticipate, expect and to prepare for the birth of Jesus. Spoiler Alert! Baby Jesus was born. Born to a virgin girl that lived 2000 years ago. It has already happened.

But because this miraculous birth happened, the World has changed.

Jesus lived his life, teaching the world to love one another. And when he died he instructed his followers to teach the world all that he commanded. Why? So that the World would know him and be with him in eternity!

This Advent season for me is going to be one of anticipating, expecting and preparing myself for His coming again. I believe that Jesus has asked me to use the time God has given me, on this earth, to help the World know Him.

So instead of not talking about Jesus’ birth during this Christmas season, this year I am going to talk. I am expecting that God will send me the people to talk with, anticipating that the Holy Spirit will give me the words to share the story of Jesus and I am preparing myself by praying that I will love all people.

I am waiting. Waiting for God to send people into my life. Which changes my focus and attitude about being out Christmas shopping! Who knows what person God will send my way! It also intensifies the relationships I am already in. There is no better time to share the story of Jesus with non-believers than when non-believers are already thinking about Him!


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