He Will Fill My Story With His

[Randall Friesen is from Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  Married with four children, this ordained Reverend spends time writing words and shooting images.  This article was featured in a 2004 Advent Blog entry.]

This Advent the snow is reminding me to stop what I’m doing and start looking ahead.

I need to look again to the Christ, who is Jesus of Nazareth.

I want to watch and see what deep things he’s doing in my life.

I want to recognize him again as the only answer to my struggles with sin and brokenness.

I want to set aside time just to be with him.

To wait and watch and recognize.

The white space that the snow brings also challenges me to clean up a bit.  To simplify and unclutter.

To make room, for Him.

The clutter in my life isn’t always for decoration, more often than not it’s for distraction.

I need to do away with some of that stuff so that I can go deeper with him and those he’s given me.

And He will come, again, and fill the white space, the pages, the chapters, with verse after verse of the Words of Life.

He will fill my Story with His.

This Advent, I want to stop and look ahead, creating a wide, open space in my life for Him to move in and form life in.

It will be amazing.


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