Psalm 27:14: “Wait for the Lord”
Isaiah 40:31: “They that wait upon the Lord”


The word reminds me of this 1979 T.V. commercial…

We live in a world where “waiting” is becoming less and less. desirable.  We want instant results.  But an “instant” world leaves no room for anticipation, even for anticipating what God might have to offer us.

Maybe “instant” isn’t as great as we first thought!

Voice cry out, “I want this!  I want that!”  Retailers happily oblige with offers of “Buy Now, Pay Later.”  But there’s  no fooling reality.   Reaching way beyond consumer goods, whatever we buy into now, good or bad, will be impacting us for the days ahead.

With this in mind, I again feel the call to wait upon God.  I see this requiring changes of me, and this feels difficult.  Can’t I just be done, and arrive at the end where everything fits together?!

Yet healing, whether in health or relationships or personal brokenness, requires us to wade through matters.  There are steps to take and preparations to make.

And when Jesus comes again, he’ll find us waiting with baited breath, in a sense of  great excitement

But for now, we wait.

We nudge each other to take time to slow down, to take notice of what is around us, and to listen for the “still, small voice.”  We strive to really take notice of the “fragrance” of God in nature and to be intentional in our relationships with Him and with those who cross our paths.

As the country song laments, “I’m in a hurry, and don’t know why.”

I want changes to happen yesterday, but I am finding that the longer I wait, the more frustrating and difficult it gets.  Instead, I should serve Him while I am waiting, and in so doing, it takes the focus off of myself, and I, in turn, place my trust in His “more than capable” hands.


One thought on “Waiting

  1. i wonder what would happen if you tried to promote a product today the way heinz did there? something tells me people not be a fan of waiting, especially when squeeze bottles abound!

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