[Vicki MacDonald lives, with her husband Darwin, in Kronau, where she operates a day care.  She is also a woman of prayer and a serious searcher of the Scriptures.]

That word above is pronounced “haw-shee”, and it’s the name of a dog.

It’s also the name of a film, based on one of the most treasured and heart-warming true stories ever told, about this dog.

In the movie,  Professor Parker Wilson, a distinguished scholar, discovers a lost Akita puppy on his way home from work.  Despite initial objections from Wilson’s wife, Hachi endears himself to the Wilson family, growing into Parker’s loyal companion.  As their bond grows deeper, a beautiful friendship unfolds embodying the true spirit of family and loyalty, while inspiring the hearts of an entire town.  (You could learn this much by simply reading the back of the DVD cover.)

Without spoiling any of the movie’s details, let me say this much: As I watched, I found myself drawing out similarities and comparisons to my relationship with Christ.

Here is a dog that goes to the train station every single day, regardless of weather, to wait faithfully for his master’s return.  He sits and looks intently for his arrival among the train station’s regular crowds.

Is this how I live my life each day, faithfully and patiently waiting for my Master to return?  Am I looking intently for Him amongst the different “faces” of adversity, among the “crowds” that fill our attention spans?

More often than not, I get overly caught up in lesser things, and my attention is diverted from a faithful and patient expectation of my Master’s return.

And there lies the challenge for me.

A lesson learned from a dog!


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