Remember Who You Are

[Chelsa Heywood is an almost-teacher with a passion for travel, hockey and Jesus. She also loves to laugh; if you’ve heard it before, you won’t have soon forgotten it. She anticipates a day when the Heywood siblings will all live in the same city again… and if nothing else, has heaven to look forward to that happening!]

When I lived abroad, I proudly proclaimed that I was from Canada. A foreign culture that was so different from my own was cause to remember, very acutely, my own national identity. Many people were surprised to meet a Canadian living in Eastern Europe, especially my American counterparts who couldn’t stop giggling at the name of the city I was from. They still giggle to this day. I started vaguely saying I was from somewhere between Toronto and Vancouver; it made for a lot less awkward conversation.

Now that I’m back living on home soil, I don’t often think about the fact that I’m Canadian. It can get lost in the ins and outs of the normalcy of everyday life. Most people here are Canadian (or soon to be); they don’t have need or occasion to be reminded.

Ephesians 5:6-14 reminds us to remember who we are. Don’t be deceived by the world, don’t live in darkness and don’t participate in those things which take place in darkness.

 Don’t be something that you’re not.

Let’s frame it positively:  Remember who you are.

I feel like identity is a daily struggle for us humans. If I could daily live out of the truth of my standing before God, my identity being rooted solely in Christ, I would live increasingly in the light, forsaking the darkness.

 How quickly we forget!

Did you forget today that you are saved? Redeemed? Forgiven? No longer a child to darkness?

Advent is a special time of year. Each day of December we look forward to the coming of our King. We are reminded of our heritage, of our inheritance and that we await something greater than us, or here and now.

In the hustle and bustle of this season of consumerism have you forgotten who you are? Have you become like those who are deceived, who know no truth within them?

Our doing comes out of our being. What splashes out of a lidless bottle is the contents of the bottle, not because the bottle was shaken but because those contents already existed inside that bottle.

What’s in your heart today?

“But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light.”

We are no longer slaves to darkness; we are children of light. What in your heart do you need to expose to your Father today?

We first come to Christ when we repent of our sins; we continue to walk with him, grow like him and obey him as we continue that lifestyle of repentance.

As we await the coming of our king, bend your knee, confess your need for the father, know your utter despair apart from him, and remember, with JOY, who you truly are.

Saved. Redeemed. Loved

 A Child of Light

In repentance we see increasingly how great our sins are against God, and yet how marvelous his grace is to us. In the midst, the cross of Christ looms ever larger.

 You need him this season.

Let the light of Christ shine on you that you may be cleansed, changed and able to act out of the truth of who you are.

 Because of who HE is.


One thought on “Remember Who You Are

  1. Chelsa, I am so proud of who you have become!!! You refect your Master so beautifully!!! Thank you for your words of reminding us who we are and whose we are!!! His grace runs DEEP!
    Merry Christmas!

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