Basking in the Light

[Alicia is currently church planting on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in the port city of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán. Bernard and Alicia’s vision, along with lead church planter, Malcolm Pointon, is to mature this “Mother Church”, while raising up teams to plant in other Pacific Coastal cities in Mexico.  !Que Dios les bendiga!]

Oh, the things that Moses had seen!

A burning bush would make anyone do a double-take; a parting sea would be bring fear and trembling simply from the thunderous roar of the walls of water held in place by the unseen hand; a healing snake on a post, lifted up for all to see, would be the only hope for someone facing certain death—fascinating, surreal, undeniably GOD!  Oh, but the glory that was “put upon” Moses in that personal encounter with the presence of God on that mountain is, for me, simply unimaginable.  How could one bear to be exposed to such a great light—to such extreme holiness?  The presence was so pure that Moses “glowed” from God’s glory, so much so, that he had to veil the radiance that was God’s mark on him.  The people couldn’t even look at the reflected glow on Moses, much less, the real deal of God Himself.

Paul tells us that those of us in Christ also reflect the Lord’s glory, and that we are being transformed into His likeness, not with FADING glory, as was the case of Moses, but with EVER-INCREASING glory that is from the Lord. (II Cor. 3:18)

So, how can folks miss that light?  LIGHT, Himself walked the roads of this earth, and many people missed it—missed His radiance, missed His purity, missed His glory, missed THE LIGHT.  Yes, God’s light is powerful, but the enemy’s veil of darkness casts shadows upon that light deceiving those who focus on the darkness, blinding them to the freedom of the Light.

During this Advent Season, may we bask in the Light, which will then be reflected upon us, and within us, so that those who are perishing may see and recognize that light, to no longer be blinded by the god of this age.  Yes, come, Jesus come—shining light out of the darkness!


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