The Light that Saves

[Logan Krogsgaard lives in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan México.  He enjoys playing with friends, going to school and Karate, and speaking better Spanish than his parents. Logan is 10 years old.]

I think that life is a bit like an obstacle course.

You have to make choices about everything that comes your way.  On one turn of your life you may find that you have a “friend” who isn’t really very nice to you—maybe even mean to you.  You have to choose what you will do with this “obstacle”—Will you pretend he’s not even there, will you try to go around him, or will you try to talk to him?

The choice is YOURS.

From today’s reading (John 3:16-21), I learned that God loves the world so much that He gave us His Son, the ULTIMATE Christmas gift!  Now THAT’S LOVE!!!!  Jesus came to SAVE us, not to CONDEMN us, because we are already condemned as a result of our own sin.  We have become lovers of darkness, and we don’t want to go into the light for fear that our deeds will be exposed.  But, if we choose to believe in Jesus and His promises, we are no longer condemned, but saved!

God LOVES us!!  He came to SAVE us.  He does not CONDEMN us.  Yet, people say, “Why would God send anyone to hell?”  So, my mom showed me this quote by a man named Charles Stanley (I don’t know him).  He shows the “obstacle course” of getting to hell, and it’s not GOD making the choices:

 “Getting to hell is no easy task.  You must trample over the cross of Jesus Christ to get to hell.  You have to tread through His blood, go past the empty tomb, over the prayers that people have offered for you, across the hymns you have sung, the sermons you have heard, and the writings that others have borne to you.  You have to step on the Word of God that is all around you, as well as the evidence of Himself that God has left in all creation (Rom. 1:20).  In other worlds, you have to fight your way into hell, crossing all the barriers God has placed in your path to keep you from a life of selfish rebellion and disregard for Him.  God does not send people to hell; He lays down His life in front of them, and they have to deliberately, wilfully choose to trample over Him to get there.”

 In our obstacle course called “life”, let’s choose the LIGHT who SAVES!


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