Advent 2012: Welcome


Three years ago, our church began finding ways to mark the season of Advent.

  • Sunday sermons highlighted key themes from this pre-Christmas season.
  • Candle-lightings and focused prayers became part of each Sunday assembly.
  • Paintings by one of our members were added to our auditorium, a week at a time, to build on each Sunday’s themes.
  • Daily Scripture readings were chosen to guide the congregation’s devotional times for the month.
  • And this blog was begun.

Into its third year now, this site has been a collaboration of members and friends, who have contributed reflections to serve as one more source of focus during Advent.  Bookmark the site, or subscribe.  We would love to have you travel with us toward Christ’s arrival this year.

This year’s posts will be guided by the traditional themes of Advent: Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love.  Approximately one week will be dedicated to each theme.  If you wish to hear the corresponding sermons from our Sunday assemblies, head over HERE.

We live between Christ’s comings.  This month, we celebrate the first.  Even this moment, we await the second.

May you be blessed as you seek His coming into your life, in fresh ways this Advent season.


Add your piece. We'd love to hear from you!

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