Hope – The Story of God – Hope

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard Krogsgaard, a retired school teacher, is one of the Shepherds at the Glen Elm Church of Christ. With his wife, Sue, he currently lives in Canada, with regular stints in Zambia. They have four children and one grandchild, as of this writing.]

HOPEHoliness, Peace, lOve, Eternal Life.

This was God’s desire for mankind in the beginning. But the sin of man interrupted the desire of God. Sin destroyed the holy relationship with God, separating man from the source of life. Separated from life, the outcome was death.

BUT God could not leave mankind to suffer the consequence of sin. His love compelled Him to act to restore mankind’s holiness.


God called Abraham, a faithful man, and promised him that all nations and families on earth would be blessed through his family – the family of promise.

God called Joseph to save the family of promise during a time of famine.

God called Moses to rescue the family of promise from slavery in Egypt. He led them to Mt. Sinai where God made a covenant with them, calling them His Holy Nation.

God called Joshua to take the family of promise into the Promised Land where Israel became established as a nation. But the sin of Israel interrupted the desire of God – they refused to be God’s holy people. The nation crumbled and the people of Israel were scattered as they were exiled by their conquerors.

But among the exiles remained the faithful remnant. God called Esther and Mordecai to save the remnant from annihilation. Eventually, a faithful young woman named Mary was called to be the mother of the Messiah – Jesus Christ.

Jesus, the sinless Son of God, was rejected and executed by His own people. He became the Holy Sacrifice for the sin of mankind. Being holy, death had no power over Jesus, and God raised Him from the dead.

On the day of God’s choosing, Jesus will return to earth to gather all those who believe in Him. Those who believe are made holy – cleansed by the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood. The Bible says these are the true children of Abraham who will inherit the promise. Death has no power over them, and they will live forever in the presence of God – satisfying God’s desire to share His glory with them.

Holiness manger scene



Eternal Life

Our holiness is a gift of love from God through Jesus Christ. We are at peace with God and will live eternally in His presence.

Can I imagine what eternal life in the presence of God will be like? Only a little.

Do I believe it? Yes! This is what brings hope to my daily life.


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