The Hope of the World in a Baby Boy

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Wade Grocott lives in Moose Jaw with his wife Richelle.  He is currently trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  He feels blessed, loved, and forgiven and figures that’s enough for now. ]


the-nativity-story-900x600For my post here on the Advent Blog, I was going to write about Mary, and her reply to Elizabeth’s proclamation about her and the child growing inside her.  If you haven’t, stop and read the verses – Luke 1:46–55. It’s quite the response, isn’t it?

There are lots of things that can and should be drawn out of her words.  I planned to mention the fact that over half of it has Mary not talking about herself, or her situation, but about how God has been faithful to His followers.  We serve the same God today, in December 2013.

I came up with (what I thought) was a clever story about anticipation, and how this is a time of year we can we can anticipate Christ’s birth, and how anticipation can be a great thing as it can be an instrument to change the way we view the world, and ultimately how we live in it.

But when I think about this time and what moves me about it, it comes back to a basic idea. Maybe it’s best sometimes to keep it simple.  With the craziness that can be December in North America, a quiet, simple thought may be a good thing.

“The hope of the world in a baby boy”. 

That’s a line in a song called “The Earth Stood Still”.  In a way, that line sums up this time for me.  Hope.  Hope for salvation, for the forgiveness of sin, for new possibilities, for hurts to be healed, for God’s love to break through in new ways.  The baby boy and what He brings is why I have hope.

If you have a few minutes, and want to just pause on that idea, I would gently suggest you to do so.  And if listening to the song below will benefit you while you do that, I would encourage you to push play.


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