God Provides

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Tim Wasyliw. I am a husband to a beautiful lady named Jen, a father of two geniuses Malachi and Myles, and a current student at the U of R. I am working toward my teaching degree in middle years, and I am looking forward to all final exams being done!]

god provides

T’is the season to be jolly! I am thankful this year for the family the Lord has given me and for the blessings that He is unfolding in our lives. Becoming a student again after ten years in the work force has caused me to evaluate where I am at in terms of my spiritual walk. Switching gears and walking in a new direction causes one to pray much, much more! Through this last year I am also thankful for the guidance and patience of the Lord, and He has been ever faithful in leading us to good places. A short testimony for us this year is how the Lord led us to buy a house. We had been renting a place and felt the sting of the high rental prices. We asked the Lord to lead us and we took a step at a time. Being a student and Jen a stay at home mom, our minds wanted to tell us that it was impossible to buy a house, but the Lord can do things that seem out of this world.

Dear Lord, I give you thanks this Christmas season for coming down from heaven and opening the doors for us to enter into your kingdom. Now we can live a life side by side with You. You are my daily strength and the one I hold onto. I give you praise!


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