Portrait of Christ

Below is a time-lapsed video of an artist in action. These six minutes cover hours of experimentation, effort, and editing to arrive at the final product.

As you watch, muse over what level of labour was involved within the miracle of the Incarnation of Christ.

  • What inner process is involved in reducing a Creator to a created being?
  • What sacrifice is necessary for Infinity to take on limitation?
  • How does the Eternal Word put on a cloak of time?

However it is that such miracles happen, be even further amazed that such moves were made with you in mind. Your life was a motivator for the journey; your person was one of his focal points as he stripped off Divinity to engage us in all the ways that we needed but didn’t want.

Life is costly, God only knows.


2 thoughts on “Portrait of Christ

    • I confess that Cowart’s work is new to me, but I can see from this piece alone that he’s offering something special to the rest of us. Thanks for the feedback.

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