The Meaning is in the Waiting

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason Bandura works with the Glen Elm Church of  Christ.  Married to Shannon, he is Dad to three lovely daughters.  He lives on the Canadian prairies and writes occasionally HERE.]

Advent is upon us again — the pre-Christmas season of preparation and anticipation. In speaking of the hidden power of the waiting, Welsh poet and priest R.S. Thomas penned this poem:


Moments of great calm,

Kneeling before an altar

Of wood in a stone church

In summer, waiting for the God

To speak; the air a staircase

For silence; the sun’s light

Ringing me, as though I acted

A great role. And the audiences

Still; all that close throng

Of spirits waiting, as I,

For the message.

Prompt me, God;

But not yet. When I speak,

Though it be you who speak

Through me, something is lost.

The meaning is in the waiting.

WaitingForTheSavior1The spiritual life is filled with paradox. Silence can be shockingly loud. Kneeling can raise the bent one to new heights. Waiting, an act appearing visibly passive, can hold unusual force. Annually, the Christian Calendar finds its beginning in the season of Advent because nothing worth talking about takes place until Christ enters a space or a life or a world.

So ready yourself. Ready your home and your church. Attend to your rhythms, and create a reserved vacancy.

He is coming!


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