Babies and Barns

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: His name is Tim Wasyliw, and his life leading up to the Advent season has been busy, to say the least! He and his wife Jennifer just had their third child in late October, right in the middle of his fifth semester of a middle years education degree. Their other two boys love the new brother with too many kisses. This frequently ends up becoming a competition as to who can put their face the closest to his.]

I am the father of three amazing boys, the husband to an amazing wife, and am thankful to be a part of a solid church family. This Christmas season is much like others that have come and gone, yet because the Lord makes all things new, I have seen the birth of Jesus in a new way this year. More truth of God’s amazing plan is beginning to sink a little deeper into my heart and mind.

12-22 Barn at night 2Luke 2:1-20 speaks of Jesus being born in a stable using a manger for a bed because there was no room in the hotels. This moment has taken on some new light for me this year.

As I sat listening to a man mention Jesus being born in a barn, I scene began to unfold in my mind. Jesus was born in a barn –- a place where animals live. Unclean things are in barns. Animals expel their waste in barns. It is dirty and dark and no place for the King of Heaven and Earth. Yet that is where God specifically designed for His Son to be. The same is true for us and human beings. Our hearts can be dirty and dark places full of unclean things, but this is the place that has been specifically designed for Jesus to literally come and live. When we realize our sin and allow the King to come in and bring new life with him, our barn transforms into the most sacred of places. This is such a beautiful picture of the grace of God and how much He really loves His people.

I am continually struck with the realization that with out Jesus I would just be an old barn. However, when the King is born inside that barn, nothing will ever be the same again. Let us humbly allow the King to enter our barns this Christmas Season.


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