Live in Joyful Light

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard Krogsgaard is one of the shepherds at the Glen Elm Church of Christ. He and his wife, Sue, are parents to four, parents-in-law to four more, and grandparents to a growing number! They call Regina home and spend time each year, investing in the people and nation of Zambia.]

richardJohn tells us that Jesus existed before the beginning. Jesus was with God, he was God, and God created everything through him. Jesus gave life to everything and he brought light to everyone.

When creation was completed, God acknowledged that Jesus’ work was “very good”. Everything and everyone was holy – perfect, pure, sinless, sacred – reflecting God’s nature and Jesus’ light.

Then sin entered the picture and things drastically changed. The Fall really happened; creation lost its holiness. A great darkness entered the world.

As a result, all mankind found itself in a position of poverty – unholy and broken, and living in darkness. Every corner of the universe has been affected by the fall and darkness has touched everything. But Jesus has not abandoned his creation!

“Jesus existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation, for through him God created everything. Jesus existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together. Through Jesus, God reconciled everything to himself. God made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.” Colossians 1:15,17,20.

If Jesus had abandoned his creation at the point of the fall, darkness and death would have been much deeper. It is true there is much darkness in our world today. Some parts of the world have been trapped in violence and turmoil for years, making them truly unfit for family or community.

But Jesus is not only Creator, he is also Sustainer of his whole creation. Even in the darkest places, Jesus continues his sustaining work, his light shining in every community. That is why the birds still sing, the snow still sparkles, and people still marvel at the birth of a child. Jesus blesses all communities with people who have talents and gifts, and people who seek peace. No, Jesus has not abandoned his creation to complete darkness; his light still shines in every community, pointing all toward God.

Jesus is Creator, Sustainer, and Reconciler. Through Jesus, God has “reconciled everything to himself.” Jesus, the light of the world, has a multitude of disciples in whom he lives, and he calls them to join him in his work of reconciliation. Jesus’ disciples reflect the light of their Lord into dark places, so that people can see their way back to God.

The reality of our world is that Jesus is still personally at work, sustaining and reconciling all creation. Jesus has not abandoned his creation and he is not far off. No, Jesus is very near, very present, and his light still shines. Jesus calls his disciples to live in this reality, seeing history, the present, and the future from his perspective. He calls his disciples to live life with a different purpose, reflecting his light into the dark places of the world. One glorious day, perhaps soon, Jesus will return in blazing light as King of kings and Lord of lords. Reconciliation of all creation will be complete, and all who have believe in Jesus will live eternally in his light.

Rejoice! Live every day in in the reality of his joyful light.


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