Monday Music: “Baby Son”

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stewart McMillan gets to live his dream life (making a living helping people feel better as a chiropractor, and leading worship twice a month or so) all with the girl it took him five years to convince to marry him. They have three beautiful and passionate daughters.]

This morning, a line like this is lodged in my mind: “I do not think he is what you thought he was.”

There is that famous line (among so many others) in The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Jesus’ coming was a little like that, and this song ponders that a bit. Everyone was expecting royalty, with all its pomp and circumstance, but the mystery of Jesus is that it was all about humility.

I think we do this with God and Jesus in our day and age, too. We want him to be and act in certain ways that align with our convenience, experience, and political beliefs, so we ignore the passages and stories that don’t match up. But Jesus is usually this strange and wonderful, and even mysterious dichotomy of things that don’t fit into any of our boxes.

Have a listen to one of my favorite songwriters, John Mark McMillan (writer of the song How He Loves made famous by the David Crowder Band) sing a song called Baby Son. It’s full of cello, acoustic guitar, and piano, so what’s not to like?!


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