I am Caesar

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Wade Grocott lives in Moose Jaw with his wife Richelle.  He is currently trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  He feels blessed, loved, and forgiven and figures that’s enough for now. ]

I am Caesar, busy making my plans and trying to be the ruler of my world. God is up to a bigger plan, though. One that encompasses me, surpasses me, and fulfills me all at the same time. I can choose to live within God’s will or outside of it, but in the end his plans will come to pass.

I am Simeon, waiting for God to show up, sometimes wondering if my prayers will be answered, maybe feeling as though I have been at this a long time, questioning if its worth it. But still I ask, in the hope that God will do what he has promised.

I am Anna. In some mysterious way I have been given the power to speak about the mysteries and truths of life, to tell who He is to those I come across. Even more unfathomable (at least to me), some may begin to grasp who he is through this.

I am a shepherd, feeling at times like I don’t fit into culture, messed up when God comes to me in ways I don’t expect. Sometimes I am so caught up in tending my flocks I would miss it if He didn’t almost knock me over in order for me to stop and pay attention.

I am Joseph, a little unsure of the origins of this plan, with a hundred questions in my head about what this means for me and where we go from here, but with just enough light – if I can manage to trust – to take the next step. I have my questions and even some doubts, but I know this is the way.

I am Mary, wondering “Why me?”, and with another hundred questions about what it all means and what will be asked of me. In the same breath, though, I am so thankful that God sees something in me and has decided I am fit for the task.

The advent story is at once messy and perfect, appearing weak, yet redeeming and powerful. There are a lot of diverse characters who play a part in this unique event in history. I am thankful as I read the story I find that there is a place for me in it. Indeed, there is a place for all of us in the story, we need only look.

Where are you?


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