All is Calm. All is Bright

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason Bandura works with the Glen Elm Church of  Christ.  Married to Shannon, he is Dad to three delightful daughters.  He lives on the Canadian prairies and writes occasionally HERE.]

T’is the season called Christmas,
Sounds loud and pace fast.
Sales, parties, concerts,
The task list gets vast.

There are gifting and giving,
And shopping galore,
With a red-suited mascot
Who makes all want more.

But some grow suspicious.
Yes, some minds think twice,
Silent nights might be lacking,And less may suffice.

More playing, more praying,
More quiet, more care.
No elves and no Visas
Are needed for flare.

Connection and closeness,
With others and God,
Pursue these for Christmas;
Be wonderfully odd!



2 thoughts on “All is Calm. All is Bright

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