I Wish I May

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alicia Krogsgaard has exchanged the white-sanded beaches of Mexico for the white-covered lawns of Saskatchewan.  She loves being back with family, but misses Mexico’s warmth, beaches and beautiful people!]

It was a balmy summer night.  Fireflies were but dim torches in the evening’s twilight.  Oh, how I longed to catch a glimpse of the first star, as I perused that vast southern Alabama sky!  The scene is forever etched in my memory.  I don’t recall the object of desire in my achy heart, but I do remember the profound hope of having that desire met, should I wish upon that first little star.

With the passing of time, the disappointment of my unanswered hope dulled, but my innocent heart had hardened under the dashed, disillusioned hope.  I don’t recall ever wishing upon another star….

How many other stories could we all recount of disillusioned dreams, unfulfilled desires and dashed hopes?  The fact is—in this fallen world, disappointment is an all-too-familiar part of life.

Eve’s easy reach for the forbidden “pomegranate” led to disappointment, as the blood-red juice trickled from her expectant lips to her trembling chin.

Abel’s righteous sacrifice fueled Cain’s disappointment, which led to the grievous cries of a brother’s spilled blood.

Sarah’s crafty orchestration of God’s birth-plans led to her dashed hopes and to hateful racist encounters that endure to this day.

David’s desire and deviously hopeful plans led to the death of his innocent, illegitimate child.

Jeremiah’s prophesies of change and hope landed him in a muddy pit.

The message of other countless prophets of God floated upon deaf, hopeless ears and hard hearts.

The world had become a mess; there was no hope.  Disillusionment and disappointment reigned….

Then, one night, beneath that one special star—not a wishing star, but a star of hope—a star of certain expectation, a baby was born.  He was a God-baby wrapped in human flesh—the very one of whom the prophets had spoken—the very one who would give REAL HOPE to this lost world.

The baby grew into a man—a man with an affinity for the feel of wood in his hands.  He gathered a following.  He touched the people’s hearts and hopes, as He cast his vision of reconciliation and victory.  Hope was restored.  God’s people would again be conquerors through the leadership of Jesus.  But, alas, it was not to be….Hope was again shattered as the “Jewish Salvation” hung on a tree.  Despair and disappointment once again filled the streets and hearts of God’s chosen ones.

But then, only days later…the earth shook.  The temple curtain was torn.  Dead men walked away from their tombs.  Meanwhile, a stone was being rolled away from a borrowed burial-cave.  Hope was soon to be restored.  It was not a hope of wishfulness.  It was not a hope of human-making.  It was a God-designed, God-ordained gift of expectation—a gift of restoration and reconciliation—a gift of salvation, not from a physical malady, but from a spiritual one. THIS was a spiritual hope that could not be understood by the flesh.  THIS was a hope that would be offered to a hopeless world, a hope that extended from Adam and Eve, to you and me!  THIS hope is not fleeting. THIS hope does not disappoint.

Consider Romans 5:1-2,5:

We have been justified through faith; we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…; we rejoice in the HOPE of the glory of God.  HOPE does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.




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