Joy Beyond the Sorrow

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stewart McMillan works as a chiropractor in Brandon, MB and is passionate about helping people restore their health to the way God created them. He is extremely honoured to be married to Taralee, who is the best for him and is about as pretty as they come, and to have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. He is also passionate about collecting hymn books, acoustic guitars, leading worship, and extremely disappointed that he just got his butt kicked in the first round of NFL fantasy football playoffs.]

dad beardWhen I was a kid my dad would always very boisterously sing this song at VBS and camp and wherever else he could called “J-O-Y.” Many of you reading this can probably picture him in his Duck Dynasty beard, before Duck Dynasty beards were awesome, singing the words, “J-O-Y, J-O-Y, surely this must mean: Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between.” I can’t remember if there was more to the song or not, and I guess I’ve learned the value of serving Jesus and others, but the concept of joy never really stuck.

Then I got older and decided I wanted to make art and be aloof like every struggling musician. So I tried to be cool and mysterious and thought good art only came out of life experiences that were hard, so songs about broken hearts and shattered dreams and tough times were the only ones that would do so I tried to live that life, but it didn’t really work. In fact, I think I was a jerk to one of my girlfriends just so she would dump me so I would have life experience that a song might grow out of. Joy was not really something I even wanted back then, I think.

imagesThen I got married and life became awesome. Not “Duck Dynasty beard awesome,” but still awesome. Continue reading